1055 Ohio Pike | Cincinnati, Ohio 45245


Siena Gardens Rehabilitation and Transitional Care is home to all the latest amenities including 99 private rooms. Each room includes a private bathroom and shower, phone, WiFi, and television. Each room’s temperature is individually controlled and can be changed by the resident to fit their preferences. Residents are free to explore several of the dining options which are designed by our team of dietary professionals at Siena Gardens.

Siena Gardens is conveniently located 2 miles from I275 only a few more miles to several major hospitals in the area. Not only ease of access, Siena Gardens is a great place to stay and visit. The home-like feeling is a calm setting for those coming from the hospital who are looking for some valuable therapy before transitioning back home. Whether you are looking for a short, therapeutic stay or long-term nursing care, all will enjoy access to our recreational area. The recreational area will be a state-of-the-art cyber café computer lounge complete with a pool table, bar, and a library for those who prefer a more traditional form of entertainment. While visiting Siena, feel free to stop in to our premium coffee lounge and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Siena is able to promote the highest level of care through innovate technology, cutting-edge therapy techniques and devices, and individualized care. While Siena continually pushes high levels of care, the ability to provide a cozy, comfortable atmosphere is always present.

The team at Siena Gardens is here to make your time with us, whether short or long, not only about caring, but more about being a part of our family.