1055 Ohio Pike | Cincinnati, Ohio 45245


This place is a very nice place to stay. I would recommend to anyone. Never had trouble about the food. Staff is very caring will stop what they are doing to help you.


I tell my family that I love it here. My kids are very happy to be close, they can visit me often. It’s very clean here and I haven’t met a mean person yet.


The rooms are nice & clean, mom has made a lot of friends here to talk to. I enjoy going to the dining hall to meet people.


The staff went above and beyond for Mother's birthday. They were totally awesome and always are. If she doesn’t like the main menu item they will go get her what she is wanting.


Appreciate the cleanliness, very friendly staff and it is a very roomy and wide building. We love the Starbucks. Great Furniture!


Doesn't feel like a nursing home because it's beautiful.


The food is GREAT! the staff is AWESOME! The therapy department is the BEST! I would never...have achieved, were it not for each one of these ladies... The laundry department, the kitchen staff, the housekeeping.. all are really super good!


From the first day everybody was always so helpful. The care here has been excellent. Staff has always been willing to help me when I needed it. Therapy was great, they helped me reach my goals so I could return home and gain back my independence.


The Therapy department is the best! I would have never made all I have achieved were it not for each one of these ladies. The laundry department, housekeeping and kitchen staff are all really super good!


Rated A+. My Stay at the Gardens for 10 Days has been a great and wonderful experience. The rehab staff ALL get an A+. The girls are ALL great and they care about your heath. The room staff have been prompt if I push the button they visit within time limits. The Steph is my favorite she cares about the patients. The night crew has also been great. The cleaning crews have keep my room clean and smelling clean. Food has been adequate ... all staff is friendly and seem to enjoy their work. I recommend Siena Gardens 100%, my stay of ten days has been an experience I will never forget.


Thank you for your professionalism and for saving my life. Everyone was wonderful. I will miss everyone. If not for Alysha I would have given up


He has been helped a lot by the P.T. and O.T. he received here. All the employees have been very pleasant and helpful. Thanks to everyone for the kindness shown to him.


It was great! I came in late at night and everyone was so great! Constance got me settled in and she was so kind and sweet. The doctor was very kind! Savannah was wonderful! The little therapy girls were all good. I wouldn't be walking today without them and they push you hard! That's the way to get home!


I was well taken care of, the people are wonderful. I was here a year ago, when I had to go back to rehab they asked me where I wanted to go, I said Siena Gardens, it's a beautiful place, the people are great!


The staff was great and very nice. They always gave me what I needed. The therapy staff was so sweet. I would recommend this to others.


Good place to stay, great staff, very kind


This is going to be my forever nursing home. The room was fantastic and I enjoyed having a private room to recover.


All of your staff nurses are great. They worked much to hard and did a great job . Cleaning people are very good.


Love the nursing staff, Ameara is amazing and attentive. Therapy has been wonderful and I couldn't have asked for better results


I'm So very thankful for this much needed therapy. My husband, my daughter and now myself have been in need of your services. We have been treated by the best people with love and thoughtfulness. We have been very grateful for your help.


My stay was great, excellent staff and food. Therapy was amazing!


Thank you for taking care of our dad. We appreciate everything you did to help him recover. We wish your families the best.

Wright Family

Everyone here has been very helpful and caring. They really tried hard to help me get over this hurdle. Therapy did a wonderful job getting me back where I need to be so I am able to return home.


I came in with high hopes knowing I would have to work hard. Therapy has come through and made me stronger. That was my goal. The nursing staff is awesome, everyone is always helpful. Melinda was super! Beautiful place, with beautiful people.


I got better now I can go home. Everything was wonderful and they took good care of me. Therapy is nice and helped me reach my goals.


To all of my Nurse Aides and especially PT and OT- rehab was really wonderful! Each and every one that had anything to do with my recuperation touched greatly. Therapy really helped me get my new knee going. My doctor was pleased with how flexible my knee was, and I told him I thought Siena Gardens was why I did so good. Everyone seems so caring... everyone! PT and OT worked with me, especially OT Mary. My Aides and Nurses went beyond what they had to do.